DL Home furniture has grown and adapted to delivering the latest styles and meeting new demands in home furniture for all budgets.

Our Promise

Here at DL Home we make it convenient for you to furnish your living space at a price you can afford without comprising on the quality. Our Online based store is all you need to create comfort and style for every part of your home without the hassle and stresses that normal furniture shopping experiences provides.


Our expert interior designers are here for you to provide the latest styles and current trends for your home. We aspire to give you complete satisfaction, as well has a well designed transformed space, making it tidy, clutter-free and altogether more tranquil. We have a wide range of products to meet every demand whether you prefer elegant, modern or traditional styles we have it all under one roof.


We use the highest quality materials, durable fixtures and fittings such as soft close system on the doors and drawers to give that extra touch of luxury in any bedroom. This attention to detail planned so meticulously, with components sourced to the most exacting standards both here in United Kingdom and from leading manufacturers across the world.

Driven by a quest for unmatched service and quality, putting our customers at the heart of our business, we build long and successful partnerships based on openness and trust. We supply beautifully designed bedrooms furniture backed up with a service you can depend on.